Teachers and Practitioners

You can feel safe knowing that our teachers and healers practice what they preach. We are especially capable of guiding students in developing higher, more positive states of mind that improve health and increase life force energy. Just as a successful guide must first visit the destination in order to safely lead you there, our practitioners are expected to have deeper healing and spiritual commitments in order to be capable of helping you on your path. Our teachers, healers, and facilitators are required to hold respect for all traditions and to have a daily daily mind/body practice, such as meditation or QiGong.

Our healers and teachers typically hold strong ethical vows and commitments in our own spiritual traditions, such as vows of deepening compassion and vows of non-harming. We believe this makes us more capable of helping you understand the connection between mind, body, and spirit in the healing process.

Domo Geshe Rinpoche
Lisa Antoniotti (Pema)
Cricket Fausek (Wangmo)
Mitzi Forbes (Thekchen)
Betty Kramer (Chonyi)
Mary Kay Reineman
Sarah Blake, MSW (Bio forthcoming)

Healers and Visiting Teachers
These practitioners are offer healing services onsite through their own businesses or are guest instructors in our programs. They offer quality services in alignment with Joyful Path's mission.

Bridget Billings (Tsering),Healer and Yogic Healing Instructor
Diane Oman, Essential Oils Instructor