Meditation is becoming an ever-increasing force in Western culture, and it will only become more popular as more people learn of its benefits. Because of the diversity of meditation practices available today, it can be difficult to understand them all and know which one to choose.

Most meditations fall under the following five types:

  • Relaxing the body
  • Calming the mind
  • Contemplation
  • Prayer and chanting
  • Transformative meditation practices, which often include elements of the above

The first four types include practices from many traditions, and Joyful Path offers non-sectarian versions of each one. The deeper transformative meditations we offer are based on the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. Transformative meditations are special in that they target the obstacles to happiness and health at a deep, root level. Rapid personal change often results when doing this type of meditation. Because of their power, it is especially important to have personal guidance from a meditation instructor when doing a transformative practice.

All five kinds of meditation can help one achieve a healthier lifestyle with lowered stress, a more positive outlook on life, and an improved ability to face challenges with balance and clarity.

Classes, workshops and group meditations are available to help you begin or progress with a meditation practice. Click here to see the schedule of classes and meditation times. We also provide one-on-one sessions when more personalized guidance is needed. Because every person is a unique individual, at a unique point in his or her life, individual guidance can help in finding the best practice for you.

As effective as it is, meditation is not a replacement for conventional medical attention, counseling or psychotherapy. It has best results when approached as a compliment to these therapies and not a replacement for them.